Generating a positive legacy for environmental and social issues

Over half the global population now lives in cities. They generate most of the world’s growth but are also the home of our most serious development challenges.  Therefore, efforts to reimagine urban lives can have a revolutionizing impact on development. Above all, they should be leveraged in the fight against social inequalities and climate change.

This is why we exist. We are here to empower these entrepreneurs who aim to sustainably solve the challenges of tomorrow’s urban real estate. Because we believe that technology and innovation can deliver significant impact within the retail, offices, industrial, and residential spaces.

Our purpose is to accelerate the development of these solutions. Especially those leveraging data and technology in order to help the property industry reach a full economic and social circular model. For instance, our accelerator will be committed to support projects which optimize resource use, improve the quality of life of city residents and engage with key stakeholders to build vibrant and integrated urban precincts. Because doing so, they will create real economic opportunities for everyone.

INCO implements the Impact Accelerator

INCO Australia is a non-profit organisation. It aims to inspire and empower the business leaders of tomorrow to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. We believe in a new economy that provides inclusive economic opportunities accessible to all, while accelerating innovative entrepreneurial solutions to major social and environmental issues.

INCO Australia is a member of INCO, the leading social and environmental impact organisation. Our organisation operate in 35 cities around the world. INCO believe that innovation, technology and entrepreneurship can make the world a better place. Thanks to impact investing, startup acceleration, vocational training and advocacy, INCO supports the emergence of a new economy, more inclusive and sustainable.

The Impact Accelerator is a member of the Circular Economy Global Network, the world’s first network of startup accelerators focusing on the circular economy.

With a presence in 11 countries and across 4 continents, the Circular Economy Global Network creates connections and synergies between those who shape this new form of economy, more inclusive and sustainable.

The Circular Economy Global Network Members are:
Tarmac TX (USA)
INCOPLEX Green SUD (France)
INCOPLEX 93 (France)
La Résidence (France)
The Impact Accelerator (Australia)
Sprint (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Madagascar, Armenia)

Mirvac supports the Impact Accelerator

Over the past six months Mirvac has been engaging with internal and external stakeholders across a range of issues to formulate the new plan which focuses on four key areas with a mission that sits under each:

Re-imagining Resources – to be net positive by 2030
Shaping the Future of Place – to create a framework for the future of place by 2015
Smarter Thinking – to create the first smart portfolio by 2020
Enriching Communities – to demonstrate community investment within and beyond our boundaries by 2018.